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GFWC-Foothills Woman's Club


GFWC Foothills Woman’s Club Minutes

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Clemson/Central Library

11 People present

1. The Minutes form last month were reviewed and approved.

2. The By-Laws were discussed.

A. Dues

I. A total of $35 was set as the yearly dues ($21 will go to GFWC, $9 will go to our club general fund and $5 will go to our club hospitality fund).

II. The dues will be due at the April meeting. All members wishing to be listed as charter members must pay dues by the May meeting.

III. New members who join after the May meeting will not pay the $21 to go to GFWC. They will, however, be required to pay $14 to go to the Club’s general fund and hospitality fund.

IV. Dues will be due October 1 of every year (with the exception of this year. The $35 we pay in April will be for the following year).

B. Committees

I. Stephanie Moore has volunteered to be the Reporting Committee Chair

II. Julia McBride will chair the Club Affairs Committee as part of her job as Vice President.

III. The Ways and Means Committee needs a chair. Sharon Richardson or Marie Carter will chair.

C. We will all receive a copy of the completed by-laws at the next meeting.

3. New Business

A. Budget - We will start having a “Love Basket” at each meeting. The cost for a chance at the Love Basket is $1. If you win the love basket, you need to bring it back next month filled. The money taken up for the love basket will go into the club’s general fund. $12 was raised this month and Regina won the basket.

B. Programs - We began discussion on what programs we would be interested in having as a club. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and we will have a guest speaker at the April meeting to talk about Child Abuse, as well as Elder Abuse. It was also suggested that we have Clemson University’s Marcia Barker come speak to our club.

C. Projects - We discussed different projects we could sponsor. The Clemson Community Clinic was suggested. Julia McBride and Stephanie Moore will look into this. Meals on Wheels was also suggested.

D. Baby Shower - We will have a “baby shower” at the May meeting. The baby shower is for our club as a symbol of the birth of a new club. Members from area GFWC clubs will be invited to attend our baby shower. The officers will also get installed at the May meeting. Regina will talk with the Daily Messenger and see if they can attend the meeting so we can have an article in the paper about our new club.

E. Stephanie Moore is pregnant.

F. Our club Website is

4. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

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